Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I have been missing. A busy weekend...too busy for God, you say? No. But too busy to write about God.

Tonight, after a long, hard, difficult, head-slamming day at work, I reconnected with someone I haven't spent time with in 6 years. We spent 10 precious Tuesday evenings in each other's company--I was a new, intimidated, unsure writer and participant. She was a grieving mother writing about loss and love and rebuilding. But tonight, we were friends. Tonight, we laughed and listened, and watched as her sweet 6 month old mischievously stayed up so as not to miss out on the visit. And that was God. Pictures of her sweet lost baby hung on the walls and I sat in awe (as I did 6 years ago), that she was still standing. It is grace.

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